Recently the American College of Obstetricians released their plea to women to turn a deaf ear to the advocates of homebirth.

ACOG has lost credibility with the women of North America. When midwives, nurses and doulas realize that fact, they will stop caring what ACOG has to say. It would be of more interest to me what the Teamster’s Union thinks about homebirth. ~ Gloria Lemay, Vancouver BC, Midwife, Educator, Lecturer

The subject was the topic of alarm in some places but mostly served as an opening for the incredibly intelligent and thinking group of birth advocates to stick their tongues out at ACOG. Finally, ACOG has showed their hand to the women of North America and the birth community around the world.These are the same people after all who sold X-rays for pelvimetry (when the medical staff won’t stay in the room with you for an x-ray why would you believe x-rays are safe?) when women were pregnant, thalidomide, DES, Cytotec (also known as Misoprostol and Miso), and well, shall we continue? Yes, we at Independent Childbirth shall continue to talk about the other fears that ACOG bases their birth care policies but in the meantime you can keep having fun at their expense, literally.