While it is not the expressed intent of Utah Senate Bill 93 essentially restricts the options of most low-risk, healthy women to choosing between a hospital birth they do not want or need or a homebirth with no birth careprovider.   Many of us find these “options” to be unacceptable. This bill is one exmaple of the many ways medical associations across the country are attempting to eradicate home birth as a legal option.Please do what you can to protect the rights of women to choose the health careprovider they prefer by contacting action groups in your area.  Start here to read about the battle in Utah. If you’re not sure how to locate such groups, you can try an internet search for “[your state] friends of midwives” or “[your state] midwives association.” You may also look at The Big Push for Midwives.If we sit by and do nothing while the medical associations do what they can to restrict our birthing options, we will be left with the only option of being “attended” by them.  There will be no room for “care.”Read about my battle in Utah for healthy, safe, respectful care for my upcoming birth.Laura Lund – Independent Childbirth member, Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Instructor, Founder – UCAN Birth Support Group