There is a view that a baby is conceived and the mother is a maternal environment.  I suppose there must be a science to birth or else the medical model wouldn’t exist and be beneficial to the healthy mother who finds herself in the rare medical situation. No matter your comfort or fear of birth there is a truism: that our existence is meant to be, conscious birth.  We have an awareness that as our bodies decay our bones, those that carried our babies, may do so but very slowly.  These bones are solid with the memories of the blood, oxygen, nutrients that the frame supported.  These bones cradled life and remember the weight of a uterus heavy with child and light in love for the child; An appreciation that each of us is “here” and very much “present”.  That appreciation opens us to understanding the influence of those who share our child’s birth with us.   Every person who acknowledges our pregnancy can influence the birth, from birth fright to joyful birth. We spend time letting go of the negative when we run across someone angry who chooses to vent or release near us.  We know it’s not healthy.  It is unconscionable that our society does not promote this same attitude to mothers.  The longer we spend time on stress over birth the less likely we are to give ourselves permission to be radiant carrying life within us, smug in our selves as birthing bodies that have been wise with this knowledge for centuries.