Danielle Elwood of ICAN of Connecticut recently began an outreach to the birth community of our fair state.  It seems that she contacted Governor Jodi Rell to request support officially acknowledging April as a Cesarean Awareness Month:

“The reason I am writing you today is about Cesarean Awareness Month which took place in April. As the founder and leader of ICAN of Connecticut, I took it upon myself to contact Governor Rell with a request to recognize April as Cesarean Awareness Month but I was met with closed doors. After being denied I called and spoke with someone on Governor Rell’s legal team who explained to me that the Governor cannot support such a controversial cause.”

Is it any wonder that our state’s Medical Examining Board enjoys the power it wields over midwives?  Gov. Rell we encourage you to learn more about the process of normal, natural childbirth and the history of misused and abused obstetrics.  We encourage you to talk to your peers in states where midwifery is welcomed as a safe option for low risk women.  Midwives reduce the unnecessary c-section rate and that shouldn’t be controversial.

Danielle also included a short list of states that recognize April as Cesarean Awareness Month:

Governor Charlie Crist (R) Florida
Governor Kathleen Sebelius
 (D) Kansas
Governor Mike Beebe
 (D) Arkansas
Governor Chet Culver (D)  Iowa
Governor Ernie Fletcher
 (R)  Kentucky

If you would like to contact Governor Rell you may do so at:

Governor M. Jodi Rell
Executive Office of the Governor
State Capitol
210 Capitol Avenue
Hartford  CT 06106

Toll Free: 800-406-1527