Now I’m hearing that song by Men At Work just after typing this title.  And I’m thinking that actually it’s probably appropriate.  Really, while I hope that birth can be that easy going for everyone I know it isn’t.  Your baby’s birth is … how many cliche’s can I come up with?

And you want himself there somehow present, and in your world ~ the real world ~ it’s him in the back yard grilling a fabulous steak that you’re gonna be happy to dine on afterwards while your midwife and other female companions, maybe even your children are there and also give you the immediate space support you need and desire.  And maybe later he may come inside and be there for that first minute…..

Breathe.  Have a reality check.  You are you and he is he.  In the entire world there is no other relationship exactly like yours.  Find what works for you both and find the support that works for both of you.  Do the sane thing:  think it through with a grain of salt and take a look at the whole spectrum…whatever you’re thinking just make sure you’re thinking about your birth, the one that counts.

And yes, you can eat during labor and we know moms who have asked for scrambled eggs and bacon just hours before their baby reached that patiently awaited 10cm and 0+ station.  Mmmmm good!!