If your Care Provider says something that Scares you… ASK Questions, DO Research and Make INFORMED Choices!


Eating during your birthing time is a topic that would be covered in an Independent Childbirth Class. It is important for expecting parents to educate themselves on this matter before their birth starts, so they know for themselves if it is safe to do so or not and so they can discuss with their care providers and birth location if this is supported or not.

The World Health Organization has some guidelines regarding this topic. Scroll down to page 13-14 to read the section regarding nutrition during birth. Here is the conclusion.

“In conclusion, nutrition is a subject of great importance and great variability at the same time. The correct approach seems to be not to interfere with the women’s wish for food and drink during labour and delivery, because in normal childbirth there should be a valid reason to interfere with the natural process. However, there are so many die-hard fears and routines all over the world that each needs to be dealt with in a different way.”

For most moms drinking and eating lightly IS safe during their birthing time. It can even help their birth to go more smoothly, because they will have the energy they need and be hydrated. For more links to other research check out Enjoy Birth’s Blog post on this topic.