If you are a childbirth educator who incorporates healthy birth planning information, are committed to the principles cited here and would like to be listed here, please join us! Independent educators encourage mothers and fathers to ask the right questions to find a careprovider who will support their birth beliefs wholly and faithfully. We understand that people approach birth from different perspectives. If you are considering committing to the vision of providing the highest quality, clearest birth information possible to parents and helping mothers achieve healthy, enjoyable and satisfying births then you may be interested in joining us at Independent Childbirth!  E-mail us to list your independent childbirth class and contact information to provide mothers with access to an independent information resource!  We are as unique and diverse as the families who seek us.


14 Responses to “Join us”

  1. Melissa Holmes Says:

    Hi there! I am soon-to-be a Natural Childbirth Educator in training, and would like to be on your mailing list. Thank you for the wonderful site and blog! 🙂

  2. Dale Says:

    Thank you for the compliment! This is something we love and are dedicated to doing for women and children everywhere.

    Just activate the RSS feed and bookmark the site and you’ll be updated every time we are. Sorry if you’re seeing a few extra feeds at the moment as we work out the kinks of finalizing the blog’s look.

    Dale, Guinever, Kathy, Desirre, Laura, Sheridan & Gloria….all of us! 🙂

  3. Jen Pifer Says:

    Hi! Found you through a google search. Great site. Thought you might like to post this on the events page for New York State/City:



  4. Dale Says:

    Is it that time of year again? *smile*

    Miles for Midwives is now posted.


  5. i would love to be listed and hopefully will soon submit a guest blog. ~~Wendy

  6. You have a great blog.

    Jessica Levesque

    Mother,Doula,Author,Child Birth Advocate

  7. meghankinsey Says:

    fabulous work! natural birthing and sassy writing…my two passions all present on your bolg…go you!

    Meghan Kinsey

    natural birth instructor and freelance writer

  8. Aimee Crane Says:

    Well, I think I’ve been a member for a few years, but I just made it to the blog for the first time. It’s great Dale. Cudos to all involved.
    Maybe as my new life takes shape, I’ll have an opportunity to submit an article or two. In the mean time, keep up the great work.

  9. Donna Ryan Says:

    I stumbled upon this site tonight and I tried to join, but neither my husband or myself could figure it out! Embarrassed to admit it, but we need help!

    I teach in the DFW area and wanted to mention a Controversies in Childbirth Conference taking place in Ft. Worth 3/27 – 3/29. Should be fascinating, especially in N.TX, where the C-section rate is an astounding 50%.

    I can be found at http://www.banned-from-baby-showers.blogspot.com

    Donna Ryan, AAHCC, ICEA
    Mansfield, TX

  10. Wenda Clinard Says:

    I just came across your website via the Woman to Woman Chilbirth Education website. I am so excited to have found a site that mirrors my philosophy! I look forward to learning more.

    Mother, CD(DONA), Child Birth Advocate, Educator

    1. Hi Wenda, Donna, all!

      We are at http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/independentchildbirth/

      So much we can accomplish together! 🙂



  11. Phillip Says:

    Like you site. My wife and I are publishing a book shortly about the role of men at childbirth and how they can support women in pregnancy and childbirth. You can see excerpts of the book. We have a blog listed, which we just started. If you have any commentary, we’d love to here from you. We are very supportive of doulas in the book.

  12. Donna Young Says:

    Your site looks Great. I am looking for membership to have a Commissioned Public Inquiry and for compensation for yet hurting mothers and their offspring. The mothers did not have truth made available to them in government sponsored and very controlled prenatal classes. Thank you for any help to become organized to address the false birth policies in court.

    For the serious birth researcher and educator, please read these 30-pages in an Open Letter to the

    President of the USA


    It seems the National Security of our two nations were seeking the blood of the minor-group, the

    neonate group, the newborn citizens. They were seeking the infusion of the placenta blood to steal

    the placenta blood for another’s cause, sickness, and/or profits. Any nation that puts the blood of the

    minor as a priority for its national security is impure and not logical. A fine could be allowed after a

    Commissioned Public Inquiry is called or asked for. This will bring forth all false teachers at

    universities who now have courses in midwifery, doula certification, and other medical courses for

    doctors, or those seeking an expert status – pediatricians, obstetricians, or gynecologists, for some


    False teachers must be fined for not reporting child endangering, abuse, assault, battery and in some

    cases a wrongful death – for teaching policies set by SOGC, routine to do instant cord clamping for a

    false purpose, to seek a pH blood test. A fine needle may be inserted in the cord without cord tying or

    clamping. But it is best not to risk any kind of cross contamination by inserting needles into the baby’s

    own property – the cord, the placenta, or the child. The false teaching has been intended to be

    concealed, covered-up, to how much and where the total placenta blood and umbilical cord blood


    False teachers have used a cord around the neck to excuse any early cord tying, clamping and cutting

    off the inflow of oxygenated blood. When two clamps or ties can be put on the umbilical cord being

    around the neck,the more logical teaching would be to put a tiny object (finger or spnge) to prevent

    neck injury.

    Other false teachers have used fear factors, such as they fear the mother will bleed. Truth is most

    mothers do not bleed until after the placenta is birthed, and that to bleed even four cups of blood is not

    harmful to her, but early clamping is known to cause testable anemia in the newborn – tested by a

    blood test, within a half-hour of the child’s after birth care. In some cases the weakened child is

    destroyed for his/her life. Case civil precedents are in Canada and on line are: Chow (cord around the

    neck clamping, delayed giving back whole blood for 45 minutes); Ing (cord compression by use of

    mid-forceps); and Crawford case-law,all of Ontario Canada, managed by Sommers and Roth. In the

    Crawford case, it was not specifically shared of the early cord clamping, but her collar bone was

    broken and the pelvic bone of the mother, the mother was blamed for a difficult birth situation, being in

    her 40’s, overweight, diabetic,and with a thyroid problem. She was not advised to birth in a larger

    hospital with a proper c-section room made available, just in case a natural birth was not possible.

    It is false teaching to tell a mother they may store the babies stem cells, for a rainy day, by depriving

    the infant up to 80 ccs and over 250 ccs whole blood are needed to extract less than one ounce of

    stem cells for storage in the LifeBank, as so is being advertised on most CBC news channels. The

    child will be tested anemic months after his or her birth.

    Thank you for a reply. I am a birth researcher since 1998, and use peer reviewed data disclosed to

    the President of the USA. This open letter should be sent to all current and past Canadian MPs as

    this is a National Disgrace to seek the blood of the innocent for use in Blood wanted for wars,

    science, research, stem cell transplants. This is when all adults over the age of 17, over 112 pounds,

    known and tested in good health, can give written informed consent to donate whole blood for the

    extraction of their own stem cells, to be stored for a rainy day.

    You may share on the internet in face book, and I may be contacted.

    For concerned persons, willing to participate in truth in child birth, please consider a Membership in

    Natural Birth Education. The cost for a life-time, Charter member is $25.00. P. O. Box 504, Dawson

    Creek, BC V1G 4H4, Canada. Please, contact, Donna Young, Founding President.

    Thank you for reading.
    Tel: 1-250-782-9223
    email: dyoung@pris.ca

  13. Petra Ortiz Says:

    There is one post in particular I found searching on google, that I would like to include in my new book, however I need you to contact me so we can discuss the details.

    thank you for your response, I really enjoyed what I read….


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